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Technology: A Boon or A bane?

Technology is the most debated and confusing topic to discuss even though its sole purpose is to make things easier. Undoubtedly, it has continuously helped humankind to achieve and aspire for more over the years. It has connected the world and made our differences shorter than they were. We now live in an interconnected and knowledgeable world; however, what purpose does it serve in employment. Is it not increasing the risk factor with every passing day for a near-future where the machines will take over us.

It isn’t very comforting to believe that where a world is controlled and run by machines, human beings’ need would be close to none. That would create a financial instability due to lack of employment, which would further cause depression among the unemployed. Some potential workers will seek employment in fields below their qualifications, thus eliminating the chances for qualified and able; pushing the poor to poorer in a world dominated by machines’ expense.

Technology has various advantages, and the essential factor would be the very fact that one can read this article to fathom its merits and demerits. Technology has helped create the world as it is now; walking the stairs towards an advancement that can change the sphere of lives. It has given us the discoveries that allowed us to enhance our trades and markets, exploring ourselves to newer horizons.

Technology has provided a significant advantage in travel, medicine, communication, and many other crucial needs of humankind and has offered to guide us to a better tomorrow. Everywhere we look, we can see development and technological advancement, telephones, televisions, everything. The fact that we can sit in our homes and get live news updates and learn about everything happening around the world is one of the greatest gifts technology has given us.

We need to understand one thing: where there lies light, there is darkness. Human beings are mortals who wish to achieve a lot in the limited life they have, and that is why the introduction to technology has been the most vital aspect of less time consumption to achieve something great. The point here is that we are capable of going haywire. When we say that technology has made us dependent, we forget that we gave it the power to do so.

Naturally, we argue that mobile phones have made us socially interactive through social media and has affected our social skills in person. It is valid only to the extent to which we let that happen. Most certainly, an online friend can be a scam, but so can someone else be. We need to understand that technology like other aspects of life comes with both the boon and the bane, and we have to choose what we want for ourselves.

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